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Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

Ruian Medium Pack International Trading Company is a highly experienced, specialized packing machine manufacturer located in China. Since 2003, we have been perfecting the production and shipment of our extensive line of packing equipment which includes, for example, a granule packing machine, powder packing machine, liquid packing machine, catsup packing machine, tablet packing machine, non-woven fabric bag making machine, and more, for our customers worldwide. These products are extremely popular for automatic filling, feeding and packing of such materials as tablets, capsules, thick or viscous substances, liquids, granules and countless other products. Our packing machinery has applications in the fields of foods, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals and agriculture, to name a few.

    1. Multilayer Pouch Granule Packing Machine DXDO-K900EM
    2. Multilayer Pouch Granule Packing Machine DXDO-K900EM The machine is accurate in measurement. Regarding fine granular materials, the multilayer pouch granule packing machine is designed with swing-out feeding pipes, together with triangular adjustable feeding cups. Measurement can be adjusted independently with high precision ...
    1. Ice Lolly Packing Machine DXDO-Y900EW
    2. Ice Lolly Packing Machine DXDO-Y900EWThe ice lolly packing machine is accurate in measurement. It is specially designed with a centrifugal liquid pump for filling and uses a high precision electro-magnetic valve for measuring. Each valve matches with voltage regulator, and each line's dosage can be adjusted easily and accurately.
    1. Juice Packing Machine DXDO-Y900E
    2. Juice Packing Machine DXDO-Y900E High precision whole rolling type heat sealing rollers are used for sealing mold. With 4-side sealing, and multi-line sachet form, the juice packer provides high packing speed, neatly shaped, delicate and beautiful bags, and high packaging efficiency.
    1. Milk Packing Machine DXDO-Y500E
    2. Milk Packing Machine DXDO-Y500EThe milk packing machine provides advanced performance, high power, low noise, compact structure, steady operation, easy maintenance, and has a long life span. The film sending mechanism can rotate 90°, which together with film contacting mechanism, makes film change and maintenance easier.
    1. Back Sealing Liquid Packing Machine
    2. Back Sealing Liquid Packing MachineThe fully automatic back sealing liquid packing machine comes with PLC programmable control and an English and Chinese display screen, making it easy to operate and maintain. It is easy to adjust.
      A photoelectric tracking system and two-way compensation function of the back sealing liquid ...
    1. Tomato Ketchup Packing Machine DXDO-J900E
    2. Tomato Ketchup Packing Machine DXDO-J900EThe packaging machine features a five shaft servo motor in step driver and man-machine interface touch adjustment. Controlled by PLC, it is precise in automatic step positioning.
      With a high degree of automation, the tomato ketchup packing machine can finish packing ...
    1. 4-Side Sealing Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDO-F900E
    2. 4-Side Sealing Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDO-F900E With a high degree of automation, the 4-side sealing milk powder packing machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, longitudinal cutting, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, notch cutting, dotted line cutting, transverse cutting to outputting finished sachets.
    1. Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDD-F350E
    2. Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDD-F350EEasy and fast to adjust, the milk powder packing machine can steplessly adjust pouch length without changing the mold. Operators can adjust such functions as longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, dotted line cutting and transverse cutting through man-machine interface.

Our goal at Medium Pack is to consistently provide the highest quality products for customers all over the world at the best prices available. We achieve our consistent product quality through a series of effective quality control measures. Our professional inspection personnel conduct quality checks on any outsourced parts, to ensure they comply with all applicable industry standards, so only the best quality components are used for our Warm Pad Packing Machine, juice packing machine, and more. With high level quality consciousness, our exceptionally skilled and experienced technicians pay great attention to each detail at each stage of manufacturing. This also contributes to the unsurpassed quality of our milk powder packing machine, 4-side sealing tablet packing machine, and other packaging machines we provide.

Continually reducing our costs while maintaining our commitment to quality is our mission at Medium Pack, so that we can offer the most economical prices to our customers. We lower material cost through practical and flexible budgeting, improving stock utilization and minimizing defective products. According to production planning, we implement flexible working hours, which results in lowered labor cost. Through the use of the best carriers and modes of shipping, we can ensure our products reach our clients safely, quickly and at the best rates. All these factors combined enable us to offer high quality and competitively priced products for our worldwide customers.

With an increasingly large production capacity in addition to continual advancements in our manufacturing technology, we are rapidly expanding our business into international markets. In order to help global customers feel secure in their purchase, we at Medium Pack back our products with excellent customer service. We have established a special foreign trade department, and our staff is ready to assist you with any questions or need you may have about our products and services. Our continuing commitment to excellence has earned us the satisfaction of countless clients from the US, Britain, Poland, Turkey, Bengal, Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and many other countries.

If you have an interest in our packing machines, please continue to browse the corresponding product webpage or contact us directly for more information. The staff at Medium Pack looks forward to working with you soon.