Multilayer Pouch Granule Packing Machine
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Multilayer Pouch Granule Packing Machine

As shown in the picture, the multilayer pouch granule packing machine is used for packing loose, non sticky granule material in the medicine, food, daily chemical and other industries. It provides measuring and automatic packing into sachets such materials like Chinese medicine infusion, oatmeal, coffee etc. crystalline materials like monosodium glutamate, white sugar, salt etc. and small shot materials like Chinese patent drugs, dryers and so on.

Note: This range of equipment is designed with filling capacity between 5 and 100ml. It is not suitable for occasions with filling volume exceeding 100ml.

1. The multilayer pouch granule packing machine features advanced performance, high power, low noise, compact structure, and stable performance. It is easy to maintain and has a long life span.
2. This packing machine uses a five shaft servo motor in step driver and man-machine interface touch adjustment. Controlled by PLC, the multilayer pouch granule packing machine is precise in automatic step positioning.
3. With a high degree of automation, the packaging machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, longitudinal cutting, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, notch cutting, dotted line cutting, transverse cutting to outputting finished sachets.
4. The granule packing machine is uniquely designed with multi-volume film sending mechanism. It is suitable for packing multi-layer pouches, with inner and outer pouch formed for packaging at one time.
5. The packing equipment uses high precision heat sealing rollers for sealing mold, with four-side sealing, and multi-line sachet form. The machine provides high packing speed, neat, delicate and beautiful bags, and high packaging efficiency.
6. Easy and fast to adjust, the packaging equipment can steplessly adjust pouch length without changing the mold. Functions such as longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, dotted line cutting, and transverse cutting can be adjusted through man-machine interface.
7. The machine is accurate in measurement. Regarding fine granular materials, the multilayer pouch granule packing machine is designed with swing-out feeding pipes, together with triangular adjustable feeding cups. Measurement can be adjusted independently with high precision, and each line's dosage can be adjusted easily and accurately.
8. The packing machine uses a photoelectric tracking system to ensure correct printing and comes with an automatic counting function.
9. With wide adaptability to the package film, the multilayer pouch granule packing machine provides automatic control of the sealing temperature, and has high control accuracy (± 1C°). It is suitable for the most complex packing film at home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE and so on.
10. Extra functions can be set up. For example, for sachet cutting, dotted line knife, flat cutting knife, and abnormal shape knife etc. are optional, in addition to various alarm requirements that can be chosen.

Main Technological Parameters

Items / Model DXDO-K900EM
Pouch length 50~150mm (adjustable)
Pouch width 50~105mm (if you change width, please change bag mold)
Packing speed 20~40times/nim(depending on pouch size and material)
Filling capacity 5~100ml
Applicable film PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE
Max. film width 900mm
Max. film diameter Φ300mm (as per customer's request)
Film core diameter Φ75mm (as per customer's request)
Electric source 380V 50Hz (as per customer's request)
Total power 12 kw
G.W. 1,500kg
Package size 1,650x1,500x2,200mm (L×W×H)

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