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Main Products
    1. Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDD-F350E
    2. Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDD-F350EEasy and fast to adjust, the milk powder packing machine can steplessly adjust pouch length without changing the mold. Operators can adjust such functions as ...
    1. 4-Side Sealing Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDO-F900E
    2. 4-Side Sealing Milk Powder Packing Machine DXDO-F900E With a high degree of automation, the 4-side sealing milk powder packing machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, ...
    1. Juice Packing Machine DXDO-Y900E
    2. Juice Packing Machine DXDO-Y900E High precision whole rolling type heat sealing rollers are used for sealing mold. With 4-side sealing, and multi-line sachet form, the juice packer provides high packing speed, ...
    1. Ice Lolly Packing Machine DXDO-Y900EW
    2. Ice Lolly Packing Machine DXDO-Y900EWThe ice lolly packing machine is accurate in measurement. It is specially designed with a centrifugal liquid pump for filling and uses a high precision ...
    1. Back Sealing Liquid Packing Machine
    2. Back Sealing Liquid Packing MachineThe fully automatic back sealing liquid packing machine comes with PLC programmable control and an English and Chinese display screen, making it easy to operate and ...